Services Available at Curltek

Curltek have a proven track record in building engines suitable for historic and classic vehicles, circuit racers and street legal drag strip refugees. We can also repair and develop any engine.

Specialising in 289 cu-in Small Block Ford engines our chief engineer, Steven Curl, has over 20 years of experience in restoring, developing and enhancing all manner of engines, especially for the track and as part of our service we offer trackside race assistance.

Whether you want a full-on race engine or a mild refresh of your street motor, Curltek are more than able to accommodate your needs. If you have an idea or even a cunning plan, just contact us.

Historic and Classic Vehicle Restoration

Lancia D50

Curltek have been involved in the complete restoration and recreation of some of the most beautiful cars in the world.

Working with Jim Stokes, Steve performed several ground up restorations. Most notable being the recreation of the famous Lancia-Ferrari D50 of the 1950's.

Curltek will take responsibility for all aspects of a restoration; from the mechanical refurbishment, through to the bodywork and the interior. Turn-key, ground-up restorations and recreations are a speciality.

Steve learnt the skills required for concourse restoration and recreation at the world renowned Jim Stokes Workshop, and examples of Steves skill can be seen in the examples of past work section of this site.

Drag Race Engines and Support

Whether you are a weekend warrior, running your street car up the strip or have a dedicated strip only car, Curltek are available to help. Steve has extensive knowledge of drag racers, not only from running the Curltek Consul but also from crewing for the Wildside Top Fuel Drag team.

Curltek are able to supply modified chassis' and roll cages, which will be tagged and certificated to which ever class you want to run, along with offering all manner of engine and driveline combinations.

As part of our service, we offer trackside support.

Circuit Racing Preparation and Support

Ford Falcon Sprint

Curltek have built several historic race cars to compete in the Masters Top Hat Historic Race Series. Steve has spent the past five years supporting Westley Harding, of the Falcon Hell Racing team, with the FiA approved Ford Falcon Sprint.

Between 2000 and 2005, Steve was the Lead Drivetrain Engineer for Lister Cars Ltd, and spent considerable improving the v12 engine fitted to the Lister Storm GT1 race car. Initially the v12 produced 500hp, after development by Steve it made 608hp.

Curltek offer pre-race preparation and a post-race strip and check services along with on-the-day trackside support. Curltek are also available to offer advice and help with any aspect of your circuit racer.

Engine Repair and Development

Windowed Block

Over the years Steve has developed many innovative "tweaks" to enable Curltek to get the best from your engine; ranging from camshaft design, cylinder head flowing and porting through to full dynamic balancing of the rotating assembly.

Steve is particularly knowledgeable in respect to the Ford 289 cu-in engine, having spent many years in developing and improving these engines. A Curltek built 289 cu-in will regularly exceed 400bhp on the dynamometer and the proof of their longevity can be seen in the success of the Falcon Hell racing team in the Masters Race Series.

In addition Curltek are able to repair cracks to engine blocks and cylinder heads using the Lock-n-Stitch technique. This method of repair has proven invaluable in rescuing historically important parts, where originality is all important. The Lock-n-Stitch method can also be used to allow the internal repair of water jackets to be performed where the outer cylinder block has to be cut for access.

Preparation, Transportation and Trackside Assistance

Windowed Block

Curltek can help with all aspects your vehicles preparation. We have considerable experience in all aspects of race preparation as well the ability to supply and fit all necessary safety equipment. Our roll cages are built to suit your requirements and come fully tagged.

The support offered by Curltek does not stop at the workshop door. We can offer transportation of your vehicle to and from a race track and offer trackside support along with performing pre-race and post-race checks.

Additionally we can be contacted by telephone or email to offer you help and advice.