Curltek's Suppliers and Partners

Obviously a business like Curltek is only as good as the suppliers it uses. Over the past twenty years Steve has built up an enviable relationship with the suppliers and partners listed on this page and in conjunction with them is able to supply everything required to turn your dream into reality.


Competition Engine Services

Competition Engine Services

Competition Engine Services is a member of the JSW Group and offers a full suite of engine and race car preparation from their fully equipped workshop located in Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire.

CES are able to perform Full Engine Builds and Rebuilds, Machining Services, Dynamometer Testing and Race Day Support.

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Cam Motion

cam motion

All of our 289 cu-in engines use custom ground, Curltek specification, camshafts that are manufactured for us by Cam Motion.

With over 30 years of experience, Cam Motion works exclusively with professional engine builders and race teams from all over the world. They are based in Baton Rouge, USA.

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Andy Robinson Race Cars

andy robinson race cars

Andy Robinson Race Cars offer a wide spectrum of fabrication services necessary to build a complete race car, their speciality being drag racers.

Curltek use Andy Robinson Race Cars rear axles and certified roll cages.

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Hauser Race Cars

hauser racing

Hauser Race Cars can supply race car parts, components and various race related services.

They assist Curltek in the designing and building of drag race orientated chassis and roll cages.

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National Auto Parts

national auto

National Auto Parts are a clutch and brake specialists based in Nottingham and have over 25 years experience in the automotive aftermarket.

Curltek recommend using National Auto Parts brake parts in out race car builds.

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Jim Stokes Workshop

jim stokes workshop

Jim Stokes Workshops Ltd. has over 40 years experience in the restoration, recreation and redesign of historic cars. They can manufactures new cylinder heads, blocks and ancillary components from historic designs.

In addition the JSW restoration and recreation portfolio, includes the Lancia-Ferrari D50.

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I Say Ding Dong


I Say Ding Dong supply all of the stickers used on the Curltek race vehicles.

They are able to supply a full set of stickers, period or modern, to accentuate the look of any race orientated vehicle. They have an online shop where you can purchase the stickers, just remember to tell them Curltek sent you!

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Performance Unlimited

performance unlimited

Performance Unlimited stock all types of engine parts and components such as pistons, fuel filters, transmissions, head gaskets, crankshafts, oil pumps, cylinder heads, oil filters and more.

Of course, once you've got the bits you will be requiring some help putting them together.

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Knight Racing Services

knight racing services

All Curltek developed engines are run and analysed on an engine dynamometer before dispatch to the customer.

Knight Racing Services Ltd have a Superflow 901 engine dynamometer which is capable of testing engines up to 2000 horsepower.

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performance racing warehouse

PRW design and manufacture all manner of high-quality and technically-advanced performance engine parts.

They supply Curltek with flexplates and harmonic dampers and can additionally supply stud girdles, radiators, valve covers. They even stock individual fastners and fixings.

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Alunox is a specialist exhaust and manifold production company and hand make all of their manifolds and exhaust systems.

All Curltek engines are filled with exhaust manifolds and systems supplied by Alunox.

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Performancenter Racing Warehouse

performancenter racing warehouse

The Performancenter Racing Warehouse hold a huge inventory of parts and suspension components.

Our road going and drag suspensions typically feature Performancenter parts.

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