curltek consul

The Curltek Consul

Built by Steve and driven by Hayley Curl, the Curltek Consul is a thinly veiled street-legal dragster. Fitted with a 40 thou overbored 400 cu-in Chrysler block, it features Keith Black pistons, Mopar rods and a cam that's best described as "lumpy".

Ever modest, Steve describes the engine as "not anything special". However this belies the time and effort Steve has invested into building a bulletproof, drive anywhere, engine. The cylinder heads alone took over a month of machining and porting before Steve was happy. The engine was fully dynamically balanced and the carefully selected parts were fully blueprinted.

The engine horsepower is not an estimate, or made up figure. As with all engines supplied by Curltek, it's been tested. The Curltek Consul has been on a rolling road as opposed to engine dynamometer. It recorded just over 600 bhp and over 450 lb-ft of torque. And that was before the nitrous was fitted.

Photo's of the Curltek Consul

The Curltek Consul has been a 20 year labour of love and hate.

It has undergone extensive testing and development over the years, acting as Steve's personal test mule for his craziest ideas. If they don't work on the Consul, no loss. However if they do work, our customers benefit.

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The Curltek Consul on the Street

Not only is the Curltek Consul possibly lethal, it's also legal. That's right, fully street legal. It is taxed, has an MOT and is fully insured.

Below is a video of the Curltek Consul in it's natural habitat, prowling the lanes of Cheshire.


As you can see, Curltek do not just talk-the-talk. We also walk-the-walk.