About this Web Site

The basic layout design of this website - curltek.com - was inspired by the WordPress theme Venera. This is available for download from NewWPThemes.com and is licensed under the creative commons license agreement as being 100% free for personal or commercial use.

The CSS used for the template is from blueprintcss.org and where applicable the rights of both NewWPThemes.com and blueprintcss.org are acknowledged in the coding.

All of the in-page multimedia videos are courtesy of JW Player, an open source video player available from longtailvideo.com.

The image overlay script, mostly used in the past work section, is driven by a heavily modified version of lightbox - which was originally developed by dynamicdrive.com. Again this software is copyright and license free.

The multiple facebook-like buttons hack as used in the workshop and portfolio sections is with thanks to the clever people of Agora.is. Works like a dream.

All of the remaining html and css coding, the contents, images, photographs, videos and articles herein are copyright curltek.com and tecniche.co.uk unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Just so you know.